Enter the world of Hitman 2 for free with the new starter pack


New Zealand free on all platforms

IO Interactive has introduced the Hitman 2 – Starter Pack as a new option for experiencing its stealth assassin series. Free on all platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One), you can now step into the world of Agent 47 and try out the well-received sequel without dropping a dime. This new option will include the “New Zealand” level with access to the “Nightcall” campaign mission from the main game.

The pack gives players access to everything that Hawke’s Bay has to offer: you’ll be able to complete challenges, earn unlocks, discover hidden stashes, try out different starting locations, and work on upgrading 47’s weapons. The starter pack even includes both the “Professional” and “Master” difficulties, so you’ll really be able to hone your craft before plunking down on the main game. All progress made in this version will carry over, so there isn’t much reason to not try it out.

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