You can nab a $10 Epic Games Store coupon ahead of the Halloween sale


You’ll “just” need to sign up for email alerts

If you’ve broken the seal on the Epic Games Store and are open to buying games rather than just endlessly claiming freebies (hey, I’m right there with you!), here’s a deal to keep in mind. Today through November 15, 2021, the Epic Games Store is giving out a one-time-use $10 store coupon. To get one, you’ll need to sign up for email alerts.

If your account was subscribed to get emails about “Epic Games products, news, events, and promotions,” then you don’t have to do anything extra — a $10 coupon will show up within 24 hours. You might’ve even gotten it already without lifting a finger.

These $10 coupons can be applied to full games priced at $14.99 or above, and for the potentially best results, there’s going to be a Halloween sale on Monday, October 18. The coupons expire on November 15, so if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.

I always struggle to rattle off Epic Games Store recommendations, but I tend to focus on the exclusives (timed or otherwise). I’d point to Alan Wake Remastered ($29.99), The Eternal Cylinder ($26.99), Kena: Bridge of Spirits ($39.99), and Grindstone ($19.99).

Honestly, of those whittled-down picks, I’d make the strongest case for ACE Team’s ability-morphing sci-fi survival exploration game The Eternal Cylinder. It is one of my favorite games of 2021 — a sentiment I don’t expect too many other people to share — but I stand by it. Knocking the game down to $16.99 with a coupon will be so worth it.

In case you missed it, it’s time to claim Stubbs the Zombie for free — and an Epic Pack if you play Paladins. Next week’s freebie is Among the Sleep, a horror game about a boy.