Epic is opening up Paragon's beta on August 16


New Draft Mode next week, another hero June 21

I’m not necessarily looking for another MOBA, but Paragon has made the rounds among enough friends who have had decent things to say about it (even Steven!) that I’ll have to give it a look eventually. The game hits open beta for PC and PlayStation 4 on August 16, 2016, so probably around then.

Currently, Epic has Paragon in a playable but paid-for early access state. It’s $19.99 on the low end for the most basic founder’s pack, with more expensive versions that come with Rep boosts and more character Master Challenges also available for purchase. Typical stuff. I’m happy to wait.

For those of you in it right here, right now, Paragon is about to roll out the “first iteration of Draft Mode, making broad adjustments to Hero and gameplay balance, reworking how Card Experience is distributed between you and your teammates, and changing the role minions play at the various phases of the game.” Look for an update next week, and a new hero, Khaimera, on June 21.

Dude’s ripped!