Epic isn't quitting the free games thing quite yet


Steep and Darksiders II in 2020

When the Epic Games Store was unveiled in December 2018, Epic promised to kick the whole thing off with a year of free games. It started as a free game every two weeks. Eventually, that morphed into a new freebie or two every week. When Epic ran a 12 Days of Free Games promotion to end 2019, it kind of seemed like a way to go out with a bang. Finally, all this not-paying for games is over.

Not so. Not yet anyway. Starting tomorrow, two more games are free through January 9. They’re listed right alongside today’s game which is Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair. Epic has only teased their reveal with artwork, but they appear to almost certainly be Steepand Darksiders II.

The new year will not necessarily spell the end for Epic giving away free stuff. At a bare minimum, it’ll carry on a little while longer. It appears that January 10 was signaled as the end date when the year-of-free-games promotion originally began. Epic could pull the plug as originally planned; or, it could keep rolling along with the free stuff because that seems like something Epic has enough money to do. Regardless, 2019 was a landmark year in not paying for video games.

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