Epic just cut video capture out of Fornite on Switch to fix performance issues



Epic has been slowly trying to put the Switch version of Fortnitein line with the rest of its console brethren for weeks now, and the latest experiment is to patch out video capture support. Heralded at the launch of the game this feature is almost expected by Switch owners today, but as third party developers giveth, they also taketh away.

On reddit, Epic community boss Sean Hamilton explained: “You may have noticed we’ve disabled the Video Capture feature on Nintendo Switch as of the v5.40.2 client update. This was done for performance and stability reasons as we’ve been seeing a high rate of Out of Memory related crashes. Disabling this feature saves a significant amount of RAM while also having a positive effect on overall performance across the board.”

Interesting! We’ve heard rumbling about developers not supporting video capture at all but hearing the exact breakdown of why it might be taken away is a great crash course in what makes the Switch tick. There may even be a way to re-enable it in the future as a visual option for people who don’t care about framerate issues.

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