EU Contest: Win a PS4 copy of deep-sea nightmare Submersed


no no no no no no no no no no no

Hey EU readers, we’ve got a contest just for you! Win Submersed on PS4, ya winners!

I keep telling you lot in the EU that I love you. I know you guys sometimes get shafted on contests, but I really do try to get you guys in as much as I can! I swear! So to make up for it, today’s contest is all about you, boo.

I’ve got some PS4 keys for this absolute nightmare of a game Submersed, so don’t say I never gave you anything!

Read this very quick synopsis:

A first-person survival horror game, Submersed pays tribute to many classic video games as well as other classic horror and sci-fi movies. Jack Ballard, a recent widower, just arrived as a paramedic at the coastguard service, has to investigate a distress call from Jack will need to use every one of his skills to make it out of there alive.

Ok, so confession time. The sea scares the shit out of me. Like, the total, ever-loving shit out of me. It’s terrifying and horrible in each and every way. Look at that shark! No, no no no no no! No, a thousand times over. This shit looks #2spooky for me. This is actually the reason this is an EU-only contest — I wanted to keep this game as far away from me as possible. If no one in America can win it, then it doesn’t exist. I’ve outsmarted you, Europe! Take that!

To enter to win, pontificate on why I’m so scared of the open ocean. I have a few reasons, but it’s up to you to wildly speculate why I’m such a wiener when it comes to the sea!

We have five PS4 copies to give out — they are for EU PlayStation accounts only. Winners will be drawn on Wednesday, May 15. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. New users can sign up here to make fun of my phobias!

Submersed is available now for PlayStation 4.