Evan Amos is gaming's most popular photographer


But you’ve probably never heard of him

We’ll spoil Evan Amos’ awesome story, found here on Gamasutra. Wikipedia is what makes him the most popular gaming photographer. If you’ve ever looked up any gaming related hardware on Wikipedia, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Amos’ work. And with Wikipedia being an information source for so many, Amos’ work has since spread to the far reaches of the internet.

In this blog he explains that he was annoyed by the low-quality, inconsistent photography found on Wikipedia. He said that if no one else was going to take nice pictures of game systems, he was going to do it.

When you consider that the cause Amos took up is thankless, and that he’ll never see pay or even photo credit, you have to respect his mission.

Now Amos wants to do something with his work. He recently launched a Kickstarter for The Vanamo Online, a free digital archive of videogames, which would use existing work alongside new photos, movies, and articles. Today is the final day of that Kickstarter, and I’m glad to say that he has just about doubled his goal of $8,500.

For now, check out Amos system gallery. I’ve wasted away much of this Sunday morning doing so.

Amos, as a fellow photographer, thanks for all the hard work you’ve done. We look forward to browsing The Vanamo Online.