EVE Online's Project Nova team faced a lot of 'harsh realities' that made them press the pause button


Fans did not take to it

Back in April of 2016, Project Nova, CCP’s second foray into the EVE Online-related shooter genre, looked like a healthy, vibrant game….at least on paper.

AsJean-Charles Gaudechon, managing director at CCP Shanghai explains it, “We took a lot of feedback from fans, and I mean a lot of feedback, and we faced some harsh realities.” Feedback it seems that the developer is taking to heart, as they’re moving the production of Novato their Reykjavík Iceland headquarters.

“For years, it’s always been the dream from both CCP and fans to have a boots on the ground EVEgame,”Gaudechon explains. “Because of Novasome of our staff is even moving to Iceland to make this a reality. We want it to happen and won’t give up just yet.” That makes sense, given that CCP eventually did give up on Dust 514, their ill-fated PS3 shooter that alsotried to bring ground fights to the EVEuniverse.

When I asked about how Dustimpacted the direction of Nova,Gaudechon looked a lot less glum than I expected him to. “The chief lesson we learned is that we need to make a good shooter first, then an EVEgame second. We need to be more humble this time around and not reach for the stars. If we do launch Nova, odds are it won’t be directly linked to EVE Online…at least, not initially.”

That’s about all I could pry out of him. CCP isn’t saying much about Project Novaright now, but I hope we get to see it next year — even if it needs to go back into the hopper for a second time.