Even Americans will be able to strip in School Girl/Zombie Hunter this year


I’m still alive folks

Is it weird I’m not surprised School Girl/Zombie Hunteris coming to North America late 2017? To be honest I thought it already did, but then the announcement at the Anime Expo in LA reminded me that oh yeah these sorts of things don’t always release in the west. Not always, but far more in the past when everyone had to rely on imports. And just who could go another day without throwing underage girls’ clothes at zombies?

I highly doubt the game will get an English dub, but I always fantasize young voice actresses and actors walking into a recording studio to see the script for the first time and thinking “I have to say what!? What is this game!?” My fantasies are not always in tune with reality but I bet something like that happened at least once.

School Girl Zombie Hunter announced for localization on PS4 – late 2017 release. pic.twitter.com/Exq3AT9SHr

— RPG Site (@RPGSite) July 1, 2017