Even Biomutant is getting a $400 collector's edition


$400 CE’s for all!

Another day, another $400 collector’s edition from THQ Nordic. After announcing that Destroy All Humans! would be receiving the double limited edition treatment, the upcoming open-world action platform Biomutant is set to get much the same. Buyers will have the choice between the $400 “Atomic Edition” or the $110 “Collector’s Edition” bundle, each coming with an exclusive statue and some other plastic crap. You can’t fault THQ Nordic for providing options, at least.

Well, let’s go over the specifics. In the Atomic Editions, buyers will get a “high detail” diorama featuring the main protagonist and an enemy squaring off in combat. It’ll stand 12″ tall, 10″ wide, and 23″ long. A special steelbook case to house the disc will be included alongside an oversized desk mousepad, a fabric print of the game’s box art, a soundtrack, a T-Shirt in large or extra-large, and a premium box. Not the worst collection of items, though I’m not sure how a mousepad would help console gamers.

The more reasonably priced Collector’s Edition comes with the game, a small figurine of the protagonist, the same cloth box art print, the soundtrack, and a different premium box. I don’t know why you’d be buying a collector’s edition for a completely new IP, but at least this one isn’t so egregious.

You can pre-order either version for all three platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One) other on the official Biomutant website. These don’t seem to be in limited quantities, so maybe wait before rushing off to grab one.