Even the official Tomb Raider blog is getting in the Animal Crossing spirit


Here’s a few designs

As Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which came out at the absolute perfect time, continues to defy sales expectations, everyone and their mother is getting in on the craze. That includes Square Enix, who posted Lara Croft designs over on the official Tomb Raider blog on Tumblr.

Apparently the blog, which showcases several Lara Croft outfits you can download yourself, was started by a “huge group of passionate players at Crystal Dynamics.” As a result, the team crafted a classic look, as well as the memorable Angel of Darknessmotif and Tomb Raider2013. You can find the breakdown of the actual items used below, as well as design codes in the gallery.

Since the blog was posted, the Twitter account also tweeted out a bunch of QR codes for custom designs, including concepts for an early PlayStation-era Lara Croft that you can use for your island’s flag. Amazingly, that very link covers pretty much every era of the character, even the ones Crystal Dynamics typically leaves in the dust in marketing efforts.

Tomb Raider <3’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons [Tomb Raider tumblr]

Lara Croft Custom Design Outfits

  • Classic: Custom Top, Explorer Shorts (Default), Lace-up Boots (Brown), Optional – Tiny Shades (Red)
  • Angel of Darkness: Custom Top, Camo Pants (Default), Steel-Toe Boots (Brown)
  • Tomb Raider (2013):Custom Top, Torn Pants (Brown) or Slacks (Beige), Recycled Boots, Bandage