Even the Wii is getting more support than the Wii U in 2017


Let’s Sing 2018 drops this week on Wii and Switch

A lot of people are annoyed that I continuously pour one out for the Wii U (I had to swap to soda because I’m all out of beer), but this situation just drives it home how influential the original Wii really was.

Although it was announced in August, this week Let’s Sing 2018 actually arrives on the Wii and Nintendo Switch platforms, effectively skipping a Nintendo generation. This sort of thing should be cataloged, if only because so many readers will try to correct me when I denote a “Wii” release in a Nintendo Download post.

As a reminder, the Wii launched all the way back in 2006, and is still getting new projects 11 years later. This sort of support, outside of the golden era of the PS2 (which was getting huge projects even at the end of its lifecycle) is pretty much unprecedented.

To cap it all off, there’s a song in Let’s Sing 2018called “I Hate U.” Savage!