Everybody's Golf confirmed for August in the West


Look for a closed online test in May

Well, this is nice! Just a couple days ago, I was hoping we’d get the next Hot Shots Golf soon after the Japanese release on August 31, but it turns out we’re getting the game slightly beforehand here in the West. Everybody’s Golf launches for PS4 on August 29 in North America and August 30 in Europe.

The price is already known ($40), and if you’re hoping to try before you potentially buy, there will be a closed online test “toward the end of May,” according to Sony.

It’s curious that they waited until now to go with the “Everybody’s Golf” moniker over the North America-familiar “Hot Shots Golf” branding, not that I really mind. I’m more concerned about keeping this specific installment straight given how bare-bones its name is.

Everybody’s Golf Coming to PS4 on August 29 [PlayStation Blog]