Everybody's Golf VR should be super chill


Out for PlayStation VR next year

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Everybody’s Golf last year. Not only did I feel like I was on its wavelength (no one wants to stick with a sports game when they’re terrible at it), Everybody’s Golf let me play as a blue-skinned, white-haired retiree with a penchant for swimming in water features.

I’m down for more of the same, even if I have to ditch my online-enabled shenanigans. Next year, Clap Hanz and Japan Studio are releasing a spin-off game for PlayStation 4: Everybody’s Golf VR.

If you think the shift to virtual reality means a different control scheme than we’re used to, you’re spot on. “Players can swing their DualShock 4 or PS Move controller like a golf club, allowing them to experience the fun of golf with their whole bodies and immersing fully into the game.”

I’m not that into motion controls, but the chance to inhabit these courses in VR would be pleasant.

Everybody’s Golf VR is coming to PlayStation VR in 2019 [PlayStation Blog]