Everything Riot announced for their massive League of Legends 10-year anniversary


It’s…a lot

League of Legendsturns 10 years old this month, and Riot Games has a lot of news to share as part of the celebration.

Like, a lot. Here’s a full rundown.

  • League of Legends should probably be front and center, right? Well, Senna (support) is coming to the Rift, and will be available on the live version of the game on November 10. Summoner’s Rift, the main 5v5 map, is also undergoing some massive changes, and that’s happening on November 20. Oh, and Ultra Rapid Fire mode (one of the most popular oddball variants to date) is coming back soon. If you sign up for a League account before October 15 at 6PM PT, you can get daily rewards by playing games from October 17-27.
  • Leagueis getting a card game, because of course it is! It’s called Legends of Runeterra, and it already has a site. It’s coming in 2020 for PC and mobile devices: Jinx and Yasuo are the main headliners for the key art so far. I hope PC and mobile (with cross-play) launch at the same time, as so many card games get that wrong these days.
  • That’s not the first new League game coming in 2020. Riot also announced Wild Rift, which is a “new 5v5 MOBA for mobile and console.” It’s being adapted, which means it’ll have a twin-stick control scheme and it’s designed for “15-18 minute games.” Riot stresses that this is not a port, but a brand new game. That’ll launch “on mobile in 2020,” as no console windows were given in their announcement.
  • Arcaneis a new animated series produced by Riot Games, coming in 2020.
  • League of Legends Originsis a new documentary film about the game by Leslie Iwerks, and it’s available on Netflix right now.
  • “Project A” is a “stylish, competitive, character-based tactical shooter for PC.” So, Overwatch-esque? It’s set in a “near-future Earth,” and will be revealed in 2020 (E3?).
  • “Project F” is a “very early development project” that “explores the possibilities of traversing the world of Runeterra with your friends.” Super vague, but possibly a multiplayer adventure game?

And that’s it as far as game announcements go! It’s like Riot had themselves their own little Nintendo Direct moment with none of the fanfare, and everything dropped at once.