Everything that happened at Bethesda's mostly Fallout-based E3 conference


The rest didn’t do it for me

Okay so not bad, Bethesda? I wasn’t as excited as I was during moments of Microsoft’s explosive conference (where they revealed a lot of cool looking multiplatform games), but for the most part, after a rough start, they picked things up and surpassed EA’s “womp womp noise” of an event.

There was a lotof Fallout. Like, a lot. They dedicated a good portion of their conference to it, showing us multiple facets because why not — that’s all everyone was talking about for the past week. Beyond that we got a few quick looks into some of their tertiary projects like Elder Scrolls: Legends, and two big, but very brief and “we’ll give you actual info later” reveals for Elder Scrolls VI, an actual new IP, and a new Doom.

Those were cool! But they were fleeting, unsubstantial moments, mostly bolstered by a strong look at Fallout 76 which I have tempered expectations for. Who knows how all of those online features will work out, but for now the crowd seemed to be pumped for it.

In Falloutspeak, it was…O.K.A.Y. (Occasionally Keen And Yawn-Inducing).

What did you think of Bethesda’s 2018 E3 press conference?