Everything that happened at Nintendo's Indie World December 2020 presentation


More dates!

Today, Nintendo held yet another Indie World Showcase, to “ring in the holidays,” as the publisher put it.

Although their big first-party push is done for the year, their indie side isn’t, and for 15 whole minutes, we got a look at what other publishers have in store for the Switch. Yes, just the Switch. That’s how Nintendo rolls these days! The 3DS and Wii U are dead, and there isn’t a whole lot of new mobile development focus in 2020.

Behold! All of the news from today’s Indie World Showcase, down to the menial dates and “console exclusive” windows and everything. As usual, they bookended the big stuff: the highlights are Spelunky 1and 2hitting Switch in the summer of 2021, and Among Uscoming out today.

No Hollow Knight: Silksongnews eh?

All the games and launch windows confirmed during the presentation:

  • Fisti-Fluffs is launching in early 2021
  • Very Very Valet is coming in early 2021 “first on Switch as a timed exclusive”
  • Tunche is due in March 2021, “first on Switch”
  • Cyber Shadow finally has a January 26, 2021 release date on Switch
  • Calicois out “later today” on Switch
  • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (from the Monument Valleystudio) is out in spring of 2021
  • Gnosia(a quick “social deduction game”) is launching in “early 2021”
  • Happy Game is coming in spring 2021
  • Super Meat Boy Foreveris, as previously revealed, out on December 23 as a “console launch exclusive” on Switch
  • Grindstone from Capybara Games is heading to Switch “later today as a console launch exclusive”
  • When the Past Was Around is out today
  • Kosmokrats is slated for March 2021
  • Hoa is out in April of 2021
  • Hazel Sky has a March 2021 release date
  • Trash Sailors from tinyBuild is out in spring 2021
  • Finding Paradise is also due in spring of 2021

As a reminder, here is what the last few Indie World presentations looked like: