Everything that happened at Nintendo's 'winning' (?) E3 2017 conference


Did you like it?

Did Nintendo do it, along with Ubisoft? Did it ‘co-win’ (not that it’s necessarily possible) E3? We’ll see when the poll dust settles later today and we report back tomorrow with our findings.

In the meantime, I’m leaning toward giving it to the former. Sure some of it was teasing, but we got confirmation ofMetroid Prime 4and a core Pokemonconsole RPG, as well as some kick ass videos. I’m pretty much sold on Mario Odysseyas of today.

Still, we didn’t really get anything massive outside of Beyond Good & Evil 2, and all aroundthis E3 we didn’t get very many new IPs. So maybe Ubisoft takes the crown since they technically had somethingnew? I can’t decide!

Revealed during the conference:

Revealed directly after the conference:

What did you think of Nintendo’s 2017 E3 conference?