Everything that happened at Sony's technical difficulty-laden and occasionally okay E3 2018 press conference


It just kind of…started and ended

Sony is on top, approaching 100 million PS4s sold. So it makes total sense that they’d start their event off in a very tiny venue, show one long trailer for one game, then shuffle people into a new venue to show the rest of the event (kinda cool if you attended, not great when streaming it to literally millions of other people). Also, Twitch had audio and streaming issues for roughly the first half of the presentation and the stream constantly to an outdoor separate presentation that also had audio problems.

But it had games! We got a quick teaser for Nioh 2and the Resident Evil 2remake we’ve been waiting around for ages for. We also got random spicy updates for Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, Kingdom Hearts III, and Ghost of Tsushima. Other than the really strange musical transitions, poor pacing, and more audio malfunctions than any E3 press conference in the past year, it wasn’t bad.

Kinda. I expected a lot more from Sony this year. So far Microsoft has the crown of the slickest and most impressive conference. It’s Nintendo’s competition to lose!

What did you think of Sony’s 2018 E3 press conference?