Everything that happened at the Final Fantasy XIV 2021 FanFest keynote


The big news: the Reaper DPS job is coming

Somehow, someway, Final Fantasy XIVkeeps getting better over time.

It’s not typical that an MMO holds in terms of quality for this long, but XIVis hitting yet another stride with the move to PS5, and the next expansion, Endwalker, looks incredible.

Sadly, the FanFest eventthis weekend couldn’t be held in person for obvious reasons, so it was broadcast instead.Upfront, here is the listing for the Fanfest event so you can watch everything yourself. Or you can check out this recap!

The Endwalker expansion is out on November 23:

So the keynote kicked off with an incredible new trailer, and Square Enix eventually shared the date for the expansion: November 23. Typically the publisher doesn’t give dates for FFXIVupdates, but it is customary to provide a deadline for expansions. I’m surprised they did it either way given the delays this past year, but folks gotta pre-order, so they probably had to give one.

Each version can be pre-ordered with a collector’s edition, which contains the following items:

  • EndwalkerSpecial Art Box –A unique glossy white-inlaid box that features an illustration of Hydaelyn and Zodiark by artist Yoshitaka Amano.
  • Expertly Crafted Paladin Figure –An impressive high-quality figure that showcases the Warrior of Light as a paladin using Passage of Arms to shield allies from harm. Including the base, the figure’s dimensions are approximately W 6.10″ x D 8.46″ x H 7.28″ (W 15.5cm x D 21.5cm x H 18.5cm).
  • Art Collection & Frame Set– A collection of ten B5-sized (approx. 7.2″ x 10.1″ / 18.2cm x 25.7cm) art prints featuring key visuals from throughout the history ofXIV, from version 1.0 throughEndwalker. The set also includes a frame so you can showcase your favorite image.
  • Azem PinA pin created to mimic the appearance of Azem’s crystal. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand at approximately 1″ x 1.2″ (2.5cm x 3.0cm).
  • Loporrit Mini Plush –A mini plush version of a Loporrit. The plush is approximately 6.5″ tall (16.5cm).

Also, here are the contents of the digital edition:

  • In-game Item: Arion Mount– A new mount designed to complement paladin, the signature job of Endwalker.
  • Ingame Item: Wind-up Porom Minion –Porom, one of the young twins who joins your party inIV, arrives as a minion you can share new adventures with.
  • In-game Item: Death Scythe: Reaper Weapon– The Death Scythe fromXImakes its appearance inXIVas a reaper-exclusive weapon.

For reference, early access, if you buy into it, will begin on Friday, November 19, 2021, at 1AM PT. That comes along with the pre-order bonuses, listed below (phew, almost done!):

  • Early Access– Early access is tentatively scheduled to begin on Friday, November 19, 2021 at 1:00 a.m. (PST) and will allow users the ability to playEndwalkerbefore the official release.
  • In-game Item: Menphina Earring– A gorgeous earring with a design that draws inspiration from the moon. This useful earring features attributes that will vary according to the user’s class/job and current level when equipped and grants a 30% increase in EXP up to level 80 when worn.
  • In-game Item: Wind-up Palom Minion– Palom, one of the young twins who joins your party inIV, arrives as a minion you can share new adventures with.

Reaper DPS job:

So knowing when an expansion is scheduled to arrive is important stuff, but arguably the most important newsof the keynote is the confirmation of another expansion job: the Reaper.

The Reaper is a new melee DPS class that not only looks badass, but utilizes an “avatar from the Void” as part of their gameplay. Square Enix calls it a “brutal flamboyant fighting style quite unlike anything else in XIV.” It’ll share armor with the Dragoon job as well.

The new town ofOld Sharlayan:

The biggest deep dive that Square Enix provided in the keynote is easily the series of locations you’ll find in the expansion. They gave us an in-depth look at Old Sharlayan, a beautiful and ancient-themed town with lovely columns and libraries.

They also gave us even more brief looks at Labyrinthos,Thavnair,Radz-at-Han, Mare Lamentorum(the moon looking area), and one of the new dungeons. Yes, all of those links are videos! If you’re a hardcore fan it’s a lot to look through.

Ancillary info:

There’s also some other tidbits like the confirmation of the male Viera race, the overview of the “bunny-like” Loporrits tribe, the inclusion of the Magus Sisters from Final Fantasy IVand X, the “Myths of the Realm” alliance raid (24-person) series, which will “take you deep into the lore of XIV,” and an Oceania data center for Australian and New Zealand players.

It’s a lot!

Here’s an official recap if you still want more info, as well as a more digestible rundown here. Now, it’s time to wait!