Everything's coming up tomatoes in this Smash Bros. glitch


Super Schadenfreude Bros.

Chris asked me to fill in for him this morning, if only for a single post, so I figured I’d do exactly that not with amiibo coverage, but with this Super Smash Bros. glitch in which tomatoes have run amok. Somehow, something is causing item models to show up as the Maxim Tomato.

“This issue is currently occurring on my girlfriend’s 3DS XL,” writes YouTube user Leron Tolmachev. “I have tried her copy of Smash Bros. in my 2DS, and it works fine, I’ve tried my copy of Smash Bros. in her 3DS and the issue only occurs on her 3DS XL with the 1.0.4 patch installed. If we uninstall the patch, the issue goes away, but reinstalling the patch causes the issue to return. I’ve factory reset the 3DS XL and formatted the SD card, but the issue persists.”

I was all in at around 2:40 when Cuccos disguised as tomatoes started assaulting Pac-Man.

[Via reddit]

He’s got more videos of the mayhem. Here’s the item breakdown:

And the character breakdown: