EVO charging $12 for 60fps live streams


Is it worth it?

As you are probably aware, the largest fighting game tournament in the world, EVO 2015, has started and fans are watching the activities on their various Twitch streams. EVO is now only allowing 30 frames per second and high quality on Twitch for free and charging $12 for source quality at 60fps.

While this $12 subscription does grant you access to multiple streams for various games, is it worth it? Considering a lot of fighting games are rendered at 60fps, this means the action will look quite different than intended without a fee. Fans on the Super Smash Bros. subreddit seem to be upset about it — are you? For just $3 more you could have a month of content from HBO Now, which seems like a better value than a few hours of content on one weekend to me.

It is to be noted that the money from subscriptions go to an EVO Scholarship Fund,a community funded initiative that gives fighting game players and fans the opportunity to send someone to college who otherwise couldn’t go.