Evolve now lets you take characters for a test run before buying them


For silver keys now, for money later

Evolvehas seen something of a resurgence in its player base ever since going free-to-play last month. As such, it has put some pep in developer Turtle Rock’s step, as now there are all sorts of new hunters, features, and events that are being introduced.

One of those is a try-before-you-buy option, a way for players to test out characters and monsters before they spend precious currency on them. Everything in Evolve‘s practice mode is now unlocked, meaning that players no longer have to risk investing in something they end up hating. They can make sure it’s a good fit for their style before buying.

Turtle Rock released a new character today: Quantum Caira, a medic. She’s part of the “Quantum Surge” update, which is itself part of a month-long event called “Shear Madness.” For anyone wondering what Quantum Caira’s all about, her abilities are detailed in the trailer. Or, alternatively, you could just fire her up in practice mode to see if she’s worth your silver keys.