Evolve's new bug man character is just the best


Because he’s a bug, man

What a magnificent specimen.

Slim, a medic, is one of the four hunters joining Evolve across all platforms on Tuesday, March 31. There’s also the “half-human walking tank” Torvald (assault), the hermit Crow (trapper) with his pet bat, and the optimistic pilot Sunny (support), who “was one of the original four hunters back when Evolve was first created.” The fourth monster, uhh, the Behemoth, will be available the same day.

These hunters are tied to the $24.99 season pass (or can be purchased for $7.49 each), while the Behemoth is free for folks who pre-ordered Evolve (and $14.99 for those who didn’t.)

Do you find yourself brushing up against the same players? Maybe those free maps will help.

Introducing Evolve’s Next Four Hunters [Evolve]