Exclusive: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime lets you Rollo on Orion


A walk through this beautiful co-op strategy shooter

We firstheardabout Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime back in 2012,the day after Hotline Miami first turned the world on with its neosmile, and well before Microsoft’s latest home console was anywhere on the horizon. Now the game is finally on the cusp of release on Steam and Xbox One, ready to spread its abstract electronic cheer to everyone who dares to take the chance.

Matt Hammill and Adam Winkels, two of the game’s developers, ran through a never-before-seen area of the game for us, showing off a new ship, a new area, and new boss based on actual NASA research. While the game has plenty of strange sights to see, like space bunnies and large, combative constellations, it stays grounded in actual astronomical science. It’s definitely worth a look for anyone who’s interested in a new kind of interstellar peril.