Experience the nightmare world of E3 in DevolverLand Expo


Available on PC right now

Devolver Digital rounded off its wild Devolver Direct presentation with a goofy new game, satirising the marketing migraine that is the E3 experience. DevolverLand Expo is available to play, free of charge, right now on PC via Steam.

Seemingly a psychedelic-nightmare-come-first-person-shooter, DevolverLand Expo lets you experience the perils and pitfalls of the E3 experience without the massive crowds, empty cans of energy drinks, and plethora of Drake’s Cakes. So if you fancy Checking Another Look at some of the titles that appeared in this afternoon’s presentation, head over to Steam and download DevolverLand Expo now.

Devolverland Expo is a first-person ‘marketing simulator’ set within an abandoned convention center after the annual Devolver Digital game expo was mysteriously canceled.

Play the future’s future of video game marketing for free on @Steam!https://t.co/xUpYs1CSnB pic.twitter.com/rXY4g48bQe

— Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) July 11, 2020