Explore a parallel 1960s Germany in Truberbrook


Quantum walk with me

Years ago, there was a proclamation that the adventure genre was dead, and for a while, it was. Gone were the heydays of the fourth and fifth generation of gaming, replaced with brown and grey shooters. But with the advancement of technology, smaller studios and teams have been able to revitalize the genre and tell their own unique story. Trüberbrook looks to be just that: an interesting story told with a unique art style made by a small group of passionate developers.

In Trüberbrook, you are an American quantum physicist vacationing in a parallel universe of 1967 Germany. Through the course of your vacation, you find not rest but a plot that could spell the end of the world. With a story inspired by Twin Peaks, X-Files, and Star Trek, I’m sure there are twists lurking about in the world of Trüberbrook.

The real pull for me is the art style of Trüberbrook. All of the assets and scenes are hand-designed with real-life assets then brought into the digital world using a technique called photogrammetry. This technique gives the game an incredibly unique look that evokes the feel of something you might see around the time the game takes place in.

Trüberbrook will release for PC and Mac on March 12, with a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One release to follow on April 17. A physical edition that comes with an art book will be available on April 19 as well.