Fable card game by ex-Lionhead developers is heading to Kickstarter


Looks pretty at least

Apparently there has been a free-to-play Fablecard game in the works for the past 18 months at Lionhead before the studio closed. Now that game, titled Fable Fortune,is heading to Kickstarter with Microsoft’s blessing under a new indie developer, Flaming Fowl Studios, founded by ex-Lionhead developers.

Just like Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls: Legends, the game draws heavily from Hearthstone, having eight different heroes to choose from when building a deck. Cards and heroes feature familiar faces from theFablefranchise, with all that cheeky British humor the series is known for. Instead of having the cards appear on the battlefield when played, a 3D pedestal drops from the sky with a bust of the character. There is also an online co-op mode planned where players team up to take on AI bosses with special themed decks.

A leveling system for cards means not only do you need to unlock cards from packsbut also play with them to level them up before they reach their full potential. There are even quests that happen mid-match that allow players to make good or evil choices which can result in their hero, powers, and even their cards changing forms.

Seems interesting enough, and I’ll certainly give it a play if it hits its£250,000 goal when it goes up on Kickstarter tomorrow, May 31 at 10am ET.

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