Faces of Destructoid – The Compendium of the Community


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Destructoid is not your typical video game site.

Now, I know what you’re fucking thinking: what the fuck makes Destructoid such a hip and happening spot? Well, other than the fucking fact that this motherfucker right here won’t shut the fuck up with his fucking cursing (seriously, it’s cool here!), the community here is unlike those you’ll find elsewhere… for better or worse. You know, I haven’t quite fucking decided that myself.

Any-fucking-who, there’s something in this site called “Quickposts,” which is essentially Twitter except that it allows 255 characters. Sometimes, these people here like to follow trends set by other users, and out of all the fucking things in the world, some guy decided to post a selfie… which had everyone wanting to post their own selfies!

So, with their permission, I decided to gather as much of them as I could because I feel like this is an excellent opportunity to know who the fuck is hiding behind their avatars. This is also going to double as a compendium of the users here, because let’s face it: people come and go, so I fucking figured, we should have some kind of record of all the cool motherfuckers who’ve been here.

I also ask, if there’s any-fucking-one you think should be on this list, to reach out to them and see if it’s cool to include them on the list. I mean, fuck, I don’t knowallof you.

Anyway, let’s get started. Listed below are the folks who gave me their permission to include on the list, as well as the date they joined the site, a photo of their current avatar (and, when applicable, a photo of themselves), and finally, a quote they chose. Everyone will be listed alphabetically, just to make things fair. Except me. Because, fuck you, I put in the work, this is my compendium, so I get first dibs, fuckers!

(List last updated 12/26/2016)

(Morpho’s note: Due to complications regarding permission, members who were originally included were removed. If you’d like to still be in, go ahead and contact me!)

Morpho *one of us since 3:53 AM on 11.11.2016391204-a528a-300.jpg

“It’s that motherfucker, Morpho.”

Absolutfreak *one of us since 1:25 AM on 08.06.2013205010-1fba7-300.jpgi5JJ0KDDRya3v9IPor0g

“I still don’t know what nep means.”

Alessa Lang *one of us since 11:52 AM on 02.10.2016359810-4b031-300.jpgKb3ZVPpiTxqguDPEOqZi

“Cat girl power!”

Dangus Taargus *one of us since 5:07 PM on 01.27.2015342188-55a6f-300.jpg8CgUxKKCTHCAHYKWHxOy

“Dangus Taargus” – Dangus “Dangus Taargus” Taargus 69:420

DanteKinkade *one of us since 7:34 AM on 02.01.2015342749-07e3f-300.jpg36289fae4ea0f80cc6c51d8111d8846a927d8baa89958445f3ff21cb5b83a844.jpg

“I sometimes have a plan, mostly.”

Dennis Carden *one of us since 9:46 PM on 06.02.2013FlRzUVbRV6oA8DfadQm3

“I, Morpho, hereby proclaim this Australian bastard to be sexier than sex itself.”

(Morpho’s note: his exact words, not mine. Cheeky motherfucker. :P)

Dere *one of us since 9:17 AM on 12.14.2016394149-2098d-300.jpgU9hxcO0eSviOtvwF6O7f

“I love a good, big corn dog.”

DeScruff Sypran *one of us since 9:09 AM on 10.11.2012175508-87b1b-300.jpgNUtuwZW6QuaUGGYiWmJC

“That guy who exists on the Internet for whatever reason.”

Dinosir *one of us since 2:12 PM on 06.23.2015352542-58299-300.jpg

“The ends justify the memes.”

Dephoenix *one of us since 10:41 AM on 03.01.2016363454-b3709-300.jpgrbrePdjjTS6SrVt4yhfv

“First, I’m going to get in your head. Then, I’m going to give you head. Because that’s how you blow a mind!”

Ein on Shrooms *one of us since 4:49 PM on 03.04.2014220582-681ff-300.jpgWXqEko64Qpu2jX00Ew1H

“ME? Why no me?”

FlanxLycanth *one of us since 10:52 AM on 04.17.2014mP7fgzePQTyKOetDpvij“(But which one is me…? :thinking: )”

“The only reason to cut an orange is to get to the other side.”

Fuzunga *one of us since 1:41 PM on 07.28.201070892-1fcb0-300.jpg

“I am only a man.”

Gajknight *one of us since 11:59 AM on 06.24.2013198779-bfc4f-300.jpgNuXbUQYIReKak1ZgkXwf

(Morpho’s note: …Seems legit.)

“Bird is the word and space is the place brother.”

Gundy The Original Top Nep *one of us since 11:53 AM on 04.03.2012141121-3a079-300.jpgpYnj8c3R7mlSj8pqyfDr

“I did nothing wrong.”

Heat *one of us since 8:46 PM on 12.03.2013213728-57b1e-300.jpg15554854_10210985700059854_526163192_n_zpsnugiawwm.jpg

“I’m not an angry person… most of the time.”

Hlarge4 *one of us since 9:33 AM on 06.11.2012

“I love to shit. It’s my favorite thing. I don’t know why they call it Number Two. I think it’s easily the best one. In my book, it’s Number One.”– A comedian I’ll look like in 20 years

Iam16bit *one of us since 2:18 PM on 07.06.2012164061-61fa9-300.jpg

“You have my permission to add me to the blog.”

Inquisitive Ravenclaw *one of us since 9:42 PM on 12.01.2015356930-4a007-300.jpgget?url=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FCy8CBAhXEAAW9Dh.jpg&key=SzwGVu_VVtMixrd3ZucO0w&w=480&h=462

“I’m not sure what quote to say…”

Khalid Eternal Nigh *one of us since 12:52 AM on 06.15.2015350535-436bb-300.jpg

“You disgusting beautiful garbage angel.”

Lex *one of us since 6:44 PM on 11.13.201079743-93e57-300.jpgMiF41knHShW3gqRG3ctH

“Well, I threw an image into the qposts so it’s too late to have any regrets anyway.”

Luca Blight *one of us since 8:42 AM on 02.28.2016361323-a08d5-300.jpgKqvq7O0LSODjuqDrEzUQ

“I didn’t start the fire it was always burning since the world was turning”

Lysness *one of us since 12:52 PM on 08.12.2016383968-3dd69-300.jpg

“I’m new. Can I still be on this thing?”

Madoka Malika *one of us since 12:03 PM on 04.17.2016373405-f39f6-300.jpg4c5fec914013a116bd8d18d7a3048240.png

“Tolkien did it better.”

MeeGhoulz *one of us since 10:41 AM on 05.05.2014234518-55a6f-300.jpge952a4ec5cf0adca010d8e43fe2a45b66546bd96848518c242e5239e7f9745ea.jpg?w=480&h=350

“Life is hard… but not for me ,of course!”

Mike Martin *one of us since 9:50 PM on 04.21.200935931-41b42-300.jpgFgZEu05RXWrDfQw9VHyB

“I fuck dogs.”

Nanashi *one of us since 4:57 AM on 06.29.2012162788-c8fc2-300.jpg

“I’m cool with it as is my wife.”

NinjaSpped *one of us since 12:16 AM on 03.14.2015345969-c0236-300.jpg

“I’m the guy that people don’t really notice, but are mostly friendly to.”

OrochiLeona *one of us since 4:22 AM on 06.18.201067578-cf9be-300.jpgiPTT4JRITuq5Mb3wPObz

“I can get ya Crystal Meth. Nitrous oxide? How about a Cadillac? I get ya a brand new Cadillac. With pink slip, two grand.”

Perro *one of us since 5:23 PM on 02.02.201056169-b80cc-300.jpgbMTHeLhYTFOxSeAvABML

“This is the story of Perro, who cried a river and drowned the whole world, and while he looks so sad in photographs, he absolutely loves it — when you smile.”

Rabite *one of us since 9:53 AM on 11.06.200715595-4bc91-300.jpg

“The Rabite is me and I am the Rabite.”

Rad Party God *one of us since 5:48 PM on 02.19.2013183628-20b3a-300.jpgnhPJb9drTgSY8G0qDlLM

“I’m not glowing, it’s the Mako Reactor behind me”.

Retrofraction *one of us since 5:01 PM on 08.24.200943683-7eb9c-300.jpgb14c6d5e377aa20173abd78d90890e11f7467719756e4d73f3633fb92817bdb5.jpg

“Why can’t we be friends?”

Riobux *one of us since 5:18 AM on 03.23.2013191151-9f09d-300.jpg

“Sure, go nuts. Good luck finding me.”

Robo Panda Z *one of us since 12:56 AM on 04.18.201194201-195fd-300.jpgsLfNvQhIQeKGZxhbvEJz

“I’m an Illuminati Eyeball Monster and I’m still your best waifu – what does that say about you?”

Robosquid *one of us since 5:03 PM on 02.27.2016360881-8717c-300.jpg2GFs9DvIQsAcOmjHPknj

“Anime is like real life.”

Rocket Knight *one of us since 6:34 PM on 12.15.200952655-ab779-300.jpg4TK8VJD8SFSZVhaQFi2R

Kingdom Hearts IIis the worst game ever and you know it. Even if you don’t.”

Roxas1359 *one of us since 12:32 AM on 01.27.2015342094-f3ea7-300.jpg

“I actually likeRatchet and Clankmore thanKingdom Hearts.”

Sarah Jane Farron *one of us since 1:31 PM on 12.14.2015357424-2faf3-300.jpgybkFE5zRSneCVPI9sdQF

“Doom (2016) is slow *yawn*.”

Saxman234 *one of us since 5:26 PM on 08.01.2013204708-034f2-300.jpgu70WBr8GQwyghsNO8JlM

“Nintendo, give the rest of the worldMother 3you selfish fucking pricks!!”

Seymour *one of us since 7:20 PM on 08.28.2011112889-a3acf-300.jpg4HdTaqZTriqnk7qtMVU8

“I’m gonna be a real boy someday!”

Sir Shenanigans *one of us since 9:31 AM on 07.20.2012165714-890d8-300.jpg2KX1TBRlSKbyQvEC1DbA

“I’m fine with having my mug up there.”

(Morpho’s note: This is the motherfucker who started the selfie trend that started this shit!)

SrChurros *one of us since 10:08 PM on 02.07.2012131849-a40a6-300.jpgGPXIC9GAQYOH26AOqjtX

(Morpho’s note: no quote was given, so fuck it, I’m using this spot for my own damn self.)

Stephen Till *one of us since 10:41 AM on 06.25.2012371635-ec911-300.jpg119cf063d9c30f7a743eac41d593dbff.png

“I spy with my little eye, cock.”

TurboJasper *one of us since 8:03 AM on 07.09.200710676-6f353-300.jpg25cdbea0ad23b66d6048a69f7d13f226dde7f7690a74d3891d2ff8bb1aeb9632.jpg

“You can chuck my dumb ass on there if you like.”

Weslikestacos *one of us since 9:23 PM on 11.29.2011122839-a0e4e-300.jpgqbqftzgfQHi9bXTPHAsw

“Dicks and stoners may break my boners, but turds will never squirt me.”

Alright, you motherfuckers, that’s the end of the line. As mentioned before, you want to be on this list? Let me know. I’ll update the thing every once in a while or something.