Failing to go to orbit in Destiny after an activity will nullify postmaster rewards



So this is a weird one.

Over at the Destinysubreddit, they’ve uncovered something surprising, straight from Bungie. According to the official help section of the game’s site, failing to go to orbit after an activity (read: a raid or Strike) will forfeit all of your postmaster rewards (anything you didn’t pick up off the ground, or rolls off the map).

This sounds obvious, but it’s really not. After each raid is complete I typically use the “change character” function before I return to orbit, as it’s a way faster means of swapping characters. Also, I generally log off immediately after my third raid of the week to do other things. There’s really no point in going to orbit anymore with the dawn of the app, which allows you to swap items for your avatars. It’s also not obvious at all that items are randomly lost by doing any number of these functions, including putting the PS4 into rest mode.

For all you Destinyplayers out there, this is a PSA of sorts, and something to be aware of. I’ve probably missed out on a ton of Exotic engrams because of this.

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