Falcom Sound Team jdk library of music on iTunes



Game music fans, did you know about this?!

I didn’t until I wrote this piece about my dream racing game a few days back. While I was throwing out unrealistic wishes I daydreamed about the famed sound crew from Falcom making the music for my imaginary racing game.

Falcom Sound Team jdk has been killin’ it since 1987 with their incredible tunes for countless video games, almost predating soundtrack CDs themselves. But now a ton of their music is available on iTunes. Thanks to the magic of Google, we’ve learned that many of their top albums are available for purchase. How did I miss this?

Our sister site, Japanator, reported on the addition of the Falcom library to iTunes back in 2012. They’ve included a good lineup of some of the better tunes, too.

I wonder how much ALL of them would cost me.