Fall Guys is like MXC mixed with Nickelodeon GUTS


With a side of Ninja Warrior

Have you ever wanted to compete in an elimination-style game without having to put any actual physical work in? Did you enjoy the very free and very delightful Doritos Crash Course game that came out 10 years ago on Xbox 360? Have you ever wanted to climb the Aggro Crag from GUTS?

If you are like me and the answer to all of these questions is a resounding “yes”, then Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockoutmight tickle your fancy.

At PAX East I competed with 59 other players and AI through four challenge rounds, each one culling down players until one person reigned supreme. I managed to win the first round, a classic “bust through walls” obstacle course where I attempted to flop through walls with my giant Tic Tac-shaped creature that I customized to look like a sprinkled cupcake. In the second round I started off with a tail, and quickly realized half of the other players did not have one, which resulted in a hilarious run-amok game where we all ran in circles chasing one another.

Unfortunately that was the end of the road for me inFall Guyssince I was not able to secure a tail, however I was able to watch the other players progress to the third round which was a more cooperative egg-stealing game. Everyone was split into teams of three and had to steal eggs from each other’s nests, while also avoiding swinging hammers (as you do). The winning team proceeded to the fourth and final round, where they clamored over each other and maneuvered past various obstacles to reach the top and be crowned winner.

I’m really excited to see whereFall Guysheads as I see a lot of potential here for a fun game night — my only wish is that there was some way to play with your friends in the same room.Fall Guysreleases this year on Steam and PS4.