Fall Guys' launch was a little too successful for its own good


Servers ‘beefed up’ to cope with player demand

Today sees the launch of Mediatonic’s chaotic Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the wacky multiplayer game that sees armies of curious characters race through a challenging obstacle course in efforts to be the last… erm… “thing” standing. Unfortunately, it seems that this wild release has proved a little too popular, crashing player servers within hours of launch.

Speaking on Twitter, Mediatonic said that the player count had “skyrocketed” past expectations, with some 120,000 players all logging in to the PS4 edition during the game’s opening hours. Ultimately, the developer was forced to turn off matchmaking and frantically get to work on “beefing up” the servers in order to cope with the ongoing demand.

[Update: The developers have disabled matchmaking while they “scale up and optimise.”]

Fall Guys has also proven equally popular with the PC community, debuting at the top of Steam’s global sales charts. I guess the immediate success of Fall Guys – even if it should just prove to be launch day curiosity – shows that while video games continue to wow us with their intricate storytelling and photo-realistic visuals, there will always be room for a healthy dose of simple, slapstick mayhem.

Fall Guys is available now on PS4 and PC. PlayStation Plus subscribers can download the game free of charge. Oh, and good luck getting what could prove to be the hardest achievement of all time.

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