Fall Guys Season 5 will set off for a Jungle Adventure


Don’t grab any mysterious relics

Platformer battle royale Fall Guys is gearing up for another season of content, and it’s looking to get a little wild. Today, the Fall Guys account confirmed that the fifth season will be a Jungle Adventure.

The first promo image was released on the Fall Guys Twitter account, after users completed the “Big Jigsawus” jigsaw puzzle to piece together the theme. From the image, it looks like there will be some neat new explorer duds for the little bean-like characters, as well as some nasty traps.

There aren’t any more details yet, but hey, now we have an idea of where Fall Guys is headed after the conclusion of its futuristic fourth season. Plus, it looks like there might be some new obstacles to tussle with.


You solved #BigJigsawus in 1 hour and 12 minutes…

The theme for Season 5 is JUNGLE ADVENTURE

Here's the finished puzzle! pic.twitter.com/i23A0lie14

— Fall Guys ? Season 5 ? (@FallGuysGame) July 13, 2021

Fall Guys has had an interesting trajectory since its launch took the summer of 2020 by storm. It’s added a few seasons, new cosmetics, and new obstacles, as well as more ways to play like the cooperative Squads mode. Teamwork does, after all, make the dream work.

Mediatonic was also picked up by Epic Games when the company bought Tonic Games Group, bringing the weeble-wobble royale under the Epic umbrella. And through it all, Mediatonic has been steadily working on some much-requested features. And somewhere in the middle of all of it, 2B from Nier: Automata become a costume for the little platforming bean characters. I’m still curious how that conversation even started.

As we near the one-year anniversary mark of Fall Guys‘ multiplayer platformer party dropping onto the scene, it’ll be fun to see what sights, sounds, and massive obstacles the team has in store for its fifth season. That angry pink rhino certainly seems like a nice, warm welcome back to the crown-chasing chaos of Fall Guys.