Fallout 4 beta update brings roadsigns and meat bags to settlements


Uncle Sawtooth’s blood kitchen

If there’s one thing I’ve always felt my settlements in Fallout 4 were missing, it was a mishmash of dismembered bodies hastily lashed together in a wire mesh and hung off the highest barricade to intimidate my foes. Also, delightful road signs. Basically, I want to be able to make a family restaurant for cannibal thrill killers.

The 1.4 beta update (only available on the PC) is bringing me one step closer to living the dream. The update includes a slew of new settlement knick-knacks including the already mentioned super mutant and raider themed clutter, road signs, new paintings and portraits, and thankfully, more metal and wooden door options (I was getting tired of seeing the same metal shed door on every building). All I need now is an alligator wearing sunglasses and maybe one of those singing fish. Also, corpses.

The update also ushers in the usual bug and quest fixes you expect from a Fallout patch. Highlights include fixes to the Demolition and Grim Reaper perks, and cleaning up some of the many progress stalling quest bugs that are still in the game. You can check out the full list here and how to access the beta update. I love Fallout 4, but the number of quests that could leave you dead in the water and unable to proceed still blows my mind. Maybe by update 1.8 I won’t feel the need to create a separate save file every three minutes.