Fallout 4 'dialing back' graphics, runs at 1080p/30fps


Focus on extensive gameplay systems

[Update:Bethesda’s confirmed via Twitterthat none of this applies to PC (as was implied). According to the publisher, “Resolution and FPS are not limited in any way on the PC.”]

Fallout 4 ain’t looking like Witcher 3, and for Bethesda, that’s all about focusing on gameplay. Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines told GameSpot, “Everything that we do is a balance. We could make the best looking game possible, but we dial some of that back in order to allow for all of these other things.”

Todd Howard confirmed to Digital Spy that the game would run “1080p on everything,” at 30fps.

Looks like Bethesda is aiming for ultimate play style freedom. “If you want to pick flowers and make potions all day, then that’s what you’re role-playing. If you want to go shoot everybody in the head with a laser-musket, then that’s what you’re role-playing.”

Maybe Nic will get his stealth affordances. I kind of like that Fallout 4 looks a bit ugly.

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