Fallout 4 on Vita via Remote Play has been specially tailored


I should say ‘S.P.E.C.I.A.L.ly tailored’

When Fallout 4releases, there will be a few different ways to play it. Most obvious are the announced platforms of PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But, you can play it on the go too via PS Vita’s Remote Play function, and Bethesda’s supposedly put more care into this method than most publishers do.

This afternoon, Bethesda tweeted a picture of Fallout 4being played on Vita. Accompanying the image is the text “Great controls thanks to control-freak [Josh Hamrick],who helped create Destiny’s [Vita controls].” Bungie had a simplified and optimized control scheme created specifically for Destinyon Remote Play.

Apart from Bungie, not many have reworked their games to take advantage of the Vita’s layout. It’s nice for those who are fully invested in PlayStation’s ecosystem to know that they’ll be getting the best of The Wasteland when playing on the smaller screen.

@BethesdaStudios [Twitter]