Fallout 76 adds its own wacky twist on a photo mode


The ProSnap Deluxe Camera

Fallout 76 is still getting steady updates. Although a lot of the current playerbase is apathetic to the patch schedule given that the damage has been done, Bethesda is slowly but surely working toward a better 76, which will make one hell of a “[Something] of the Year Edition.” The recent huge Massive Appalachiaexpansion is part of that plan.

Building on the base that Bethesda set up several weeks ago, patch 8.5 is by comparison a sleeker build, but adds in a few big things. The ProSnap Deluxe Camera is the most important bit of functionality, as it not only adds in Fallout 76‘s own twist on photo mode, but it also ties it all together with a questline called “Bucket List” that tasks you with taking pictures.

Other changes include those contentious repair kits (basic ones are found in the premium Atomic Shop, while improved kits are “not in the shop,” according to Bethesda), more bug fixes (one day it’ll run smoothly!), and junk balancing (oil cans and trays/cans give you aluminum instead of steel now). Bethesda contends that repair kits, which were met with backlash at their announcement given that the team originally said that they wouldn’t be adding in gameplay-advantage microtransaction items, are merely a “convenience,” and since you can earn atoms (premium currency) from limited challenges, it’s okay.

Bethesda says that if the kits offer too much of an advantage they’ll take them out, but given the subjectivity of that statement that’s a clear justification to keep them in. If you want them out, you’ll have to protest it. Consider this my rebuttal and call to remove them as soon as possible. Bethesda’s Pete Hines originally stated as a response to whether or not gameplay-impacting microtransactions would enter the game, “no. Only cosmetic,” and I’d like to see them stick to that.

Patch 8.5 will run you 2GB on consoles and 1GB on PC. I sure hope you aren’t running out of space!

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