Fallout 76 has a few free items on offer through the next week


Like this cute poster

As we continue to wait for what is ostensibly the 1.0 patch of Fallout 76, the in-game store is cycling items in and out.

It’s customary for some limited time free items to be a part of the festivities, and you can grab three new ones through January 7. If you log in and take them, you can nab the Nukashine Party Poster, the Sheepsquatch Ate My Brother poster and the Pioneer Scouts poster. All of these were previously available in the Wild Appalachia update in the past but are back for a bit. Maybe you still play and you missed it! That’s what this post is for.

A bunch of items are also on sale, are returning to the store, or are leaving for good. The big one that’s coming back is the sleek Nukashine Power Armor Paint, and the Mr. Fuzzy Ride (which is basically a grocery store kid riding machine) is leaving the store on January 7.

Happy New Year! As always Bethesda wants your money after you ponied up for this premium game, but maybe you can get a few cute free things out of this store cycle.

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