Fallout 76 is getting a huge update that will fix 'a number of bugs' and add more microtransaction items


The next patch arrives on October 13

Fallout 76 is still playing the catch-up game in terms of making up for all of its bugs at launch, but the team is slowly getting there (minus new glitches that pop up along the way).

The next update finally has a confirmed release date (October 13), at which point “a number of bugs and community-reported issues” will be fixed. Naturally, since this is Fallout 76, new items are being added to the Atomic Shop and more “behind the scenes groundwork” is happening for the upcoming Steel Dawn update, still slated for later this year.

Treasure hunting Mole Miners are also coming back via an event, which will kick off on October 15. Bethesda is touting “improvements” for their return, allowing them to spawn all over the map and dynamically scale up to level 50. In short, they should be dropping more relevant loot now and actually feellike they’re part of an event; and not just a random useless mob. The reward pool has also been scaled in a way that provides players with unique items. Yep: this is all Destiny-esque stuff that should have never been stingy!

Speaking of an earlier beat, “laying the groundwork” for Steel Dawn is a good sign that the next expansion/update probably won’t get delayed. Real talk: that’s going to be a huge boon for Fallout 76, which is already in a decent spot following the major free Wastelanders update. The seasonal track and enhanced focus on Fallout 1st/microtransactions aren’t great, but the game has been bolstered by a great deal of free stuff.

If you ever happen to pick the game up at a deep discount and don’t spend any money, you can get a decent amount of time out of it.

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