Fallout 76 PTS 2022 info: The next big update is happening soon


Invaders from Beyond is live for testing

Fallout 76 has been improving immensely, bit by bit, and the last update was kind of the critical mass. Night of the Moth has gone over exceedingly well for a lot of people, bringing several big quality of life changes into the game that really should have been there at launch, including public event reworks. Now Bethesda is sharing more info on the next Fallout 76 PTS 2022 round, and things are looking good.

As a recap, the PTS is the “public test server,” open for folks who have the game on the Bethesda launcher. It allows players to try out changes and patches before they go live, in an attempt to suss out bugs and report balance issues that can potentially be fixed by the end of the testing period.

This new run is for “Invaders from Beyond,” the title of the upcoming update for Fallout 76. It centers around, you guessed it, aliens, with the main gimmick involving an Alien Mothership visiting the map “every hour on the hour.” Your job is to blow up three Brainwave Siphons, which are guarded by Alien Commanders. It’s essentially a beefed-up public event.

Other quality of life alterations include more SCORE (the game’s rank system for unlocks) earning opportunities, more custom world settings, and an extra public event on top of Invaders from Beyond (called Test Your Metal). You can also find a few other updates below that have been requested by the community.

Additional Improvements
  • Buildable Pirate Radio: Tap your toes to Appalachia’s newest radio station when you’re relaxing at home with a buildable Pirate Radio that you can place in your C.A.M.P. Open the build menu and navigate to the Appliances section to find it.
  • Invisible Backpacks: The community has long requested the ability to hide their currently equipped backpacks from view. Now, you can do just that with the new “Show Backpack” game setting. Don’t worry, you’ll still receive all the benefits of your pack when it’s hidden.
  • Stimpak Adjustments: We’ve reduced the weight of Stimpaks and Diluted Stimpaks by 25%, and reduced their prices by 25% as well. Additionally, we’ve increased the number of Stimpaks and Diluted Stimpaks that will appear in Medical Vending Machines.