The next major Fallout 76 update 'Test Your Metal' is coming imminently to PTS


Three new public events are coming

It looks like the Fallout 76 Test Your Metal update is arriving sooner than we thought, as it’s available on the PTS again “in the coming days” for some finishing touches.

Slated for the “summer,” one of the big aspects of Test Your Metal is the addition of three new public events, which should add some variety to the overworld. You’ll battle Rust Eagle robots in the Metal Dome location in a gladiatorial setup, clean up Super Mutants at Foundation, and partake in the Moonshine Jamboree at the Sunday Brother’s Cabin.

If you’re curious, here’s the story refresher on the Rust Eagle event, which seems to be the biggest one of the three:

“Rust Eagle raiders have been busy constructing an army of deadly robots, thrown together using parts they’ve snatched from around the Wasteland. It wasn’t long before the Brotherhood of Steel caught wind of this venture, and now they want to evaluate what sort of threat these machines may pose to Appalachia.”

The corpse-highlight quality-of-life mechanic is also being “polished up,” and the typical bug fixes that accompany big updates are part of Test Your Metal too. As a refresher, corpse highlighting “will cause dead enemies to glow, so that you can spot them more quickly, and easily claim your hard-earned loot.”

As a reminder, the PTS is moving off of the Bethesda Launcher completely and will now only be accessible on Steam. This is part of a larger shift for the Bethesda Launcher as a whole, which is being sunset in favor of everything focusing on Steam at the moment. That shift will happen starting in early April, where data can be moved over. Then in May, the Bethesda Launcher will be removed entirely, and the migration will be complete.

While you might miss out on this Fallout 76 Test Your Metal update PTS run if you’re on Steam, you’ll most likely be able to reap the benefits of all future PTS sessions on a more convenient platform.