Fallout 76's cartoon kitsch explains how base-building works


CAMPing in West Virginia

Bethesda’s latest promotional cartoon for Fallout 76shows how nuclear warfare has reverted West Virginia from Jetsonsto Flintstones. That’s okay! We’ll rebuild!

That’s where the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (which conveniently acroynms to CAMP) comes in handy. This futuristic workbench spits out shelter, food and drink apparatuses, and medical stations. This little green box is the foundation of Fallout 76‘s crafting system — provided you have the raw materials to make it work, of course.

CAMP is the tool that all of Fallout 76‘s base-building seems to go through, as Bethesda briefly explained at E3. Settlements can be cooperatively built (Fallout 76emphasizes social experiences, after all), and relocated anywhere on the map for a fee. Nukes can’t kill neighborly one-upmanship though, so expect an arms race to see who can get the nicest stuff. Vanity never changes.