Fallout 76's next season brings the camp with Zorbo's Revenge


These little homages are often more fun than recent Fallout in general

One of the best parts of Fallout 76, I’ve found, aren’t even in the actual game. While Bethesda has done a decent job at admirably fixing up the disastrous launch, a lot of the fun meta references are located in things like the season pass, or most recently, the radio plays. These things are far away from the buggy framework of the game and are full of really talented creatives trying their best to spice up 76. That includes Fallout 76’s next season.

The most recent addition is “Zorbo’s Revenge,” a play on classic sci-fi films. Doctor Zorbo is a returning fictional villain of the new Season 7 pass, and that aesthetic will be present on the new “scoreboard” (the part where you actually progress the pass). Radio plays featuring Doctor Zorbo are confirmed, too! The team seems to be having a lot of fun with these seasons, especially when it comes to the new ally, Xerxo: a ghoul who thinks he’s from another planet.

All of these seasons snake into one another from a lore perspective, which is impressive given that designers need to come up with this totally separate universe for a fleeting seasonal concept. It’s partially why people are taking so well to Halo Infinite‘s season pass system, as you’ll be able to go back to old passes. That would be a great tactic for Fallout 76, as it’s a shame that these seasonal slices are just lost to oblivion over time (plus the game could use more user-first features anyway).

Season 7 will run through March 2022. You can find the full reward track here.