Famitsu reveals major details for Fire Emblem Warriors, confirms games included


No Echoes for you

In this weeks issue of Famitsu, numerous details about the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors have been revealed and it’s a big one.

To start, both the Switch and New 3DS versions are estimated to be 70% done, and are still on track to launch this Fall, which is great for Nintendo’s new console. In addition, the weapon triangle, classes, and ‘high strategy elements,’ whatever that means, have been retained, while players will also be able to actively switch between characters, weapons and classes while playing. Mages and archers are confirmed to be playable, and cavalier units will be mounted at all times.

Sounds great right? Now here’s where things will become hit or miss depending on what you enjoy from the franchise.

Chrom has been reconfirmed along with series poster boy Marth. They will be joined by four original characters: Shion and Lian, who will be the protagonists and are twin siblings, along with Darios and Yuana. In addition, only three games will make up the roster: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Awakening, and Fates. The reason being that they didn’t want the game to become filled with sword users, which is ironic since the current known cast, which includes the twins, are all shown as sword users so far. Bond conversations, which are support conversations, are being prepared, and will not only occur between characters of different titles, but also include comedic and serious interactions.

Personally, I don’t agree with their reasoning for the game choices as, off the top of my head, Micaiah, Ephraim and Hector are protagonists from three different games who don’t use swords. It feels like the same burn I had as more information came out about Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Fire Emblem Heroes. What was initially advertised as a big crossover for the franchise, or had the potential to be, morphed into the same thing. Focusing on the old and the new, and ignoring everything in between, despite what those games did to help refine the formula and contribute to the franchises recognition around the world.

Fire Emblem Warriors is currently aiming for a worldwide release this Fall. Given that E3 is around the corner as well, expect to see more footage of the game soon.

Fire Emblem Warriors adds twin original protagonists, Marth, and Chrom [Gematsu]