Fan-made Overwatch map looks good enough for release


All those pillars for Symmetra Turrets… drool

Although Egypt is represented in Blizzard’s popular title Overwatch (via the “Temple of Anubis” map) one fan has decided to try his hand at creating his own map based on the exotic locale, and the results are pretty damn good.

“Cairo” is an entirely fan-designed battlefield, created by artist Joshua Ilorente using software such as Unreal 4, 3DS Max, Substance Painter and even humble Photoshop. The project, his second map attempt to date, will still take “months to finish” but is impressive stuff, genuinely looking like it was pulled out of the Internationally successful arena-shooter.

The video below shows off the dark but beautiful location, featuring bush-covered overhangs for sniping potential, wide-corridors for extended firefights and a seemingly large open area for all your Pharah needs.

Whilst Cairo is obviously just a fan-project, highly unlikely to become available to play, it’s very impressive to see this creativity, and authenticity, at work. It’s a far cry from me drawing maps for Dizzy games in the back of my maths book, at any rate.

Cairo fan-map for Overwatch [Reddit]