Fan-made Silent Hill game looks like a disturbing delight


Who could ever get tired of spooky hospitals?

If you’re looking for something spooky to hold you over between P.T and the full release of Silent Hills, you may be interested in this new, free, fan-made Source mod, Silent Hill: Alchemilla.

For a fan effort, Alchemilla looks gorgeous, perfectly capturing the rusty-gratey charm of Silent Hill‘s damned city. Plenty of shout-outs to favorites such as the twitchy nurses appear in the trailer, but don’t worry about having to fight them. While the mod team would have apparently loved to have had the player tangling with monsters, it just wasn’t within the scope of the project. The developers opted instead for a much more measured, adventure-game-like trip through the Otherworld. Expect plenty of head-scratching puzzles and careful exploration if you want to make it through – they warn that you may want to bring a pen and paper along. How very old-school.

Considering I have historically LOATHED the combat, movement, and just about all of the other “gamey” parts of the Silent Hill series, the exclusion is more of a positive than a negative to me. Being able to enjoy the atmosphere and darkness of the Silent Hill world without having to steer a clunky protagonist around a slug monster while flailing about with a lead pipe seems like a welcome relief. I can’t wait to give this mod a try once the sun goes down.