Fan made Zelda: Ocarina of Time maps never fail to get me to replay it


I’m feeling the itch

I used to have my Nintendo 64 on-hand, hooked up to an older TV ready to go, but after a number of 3DS and Virtual Console re-releases, Nintendo has made it a little easier to relive the retro era. This is especially true for Ocarina of Time given the fantastic 3DS port, as the ease of use of that version spurs me into replaying it yearly. I may have to opt for yet another go too after seeing this fantastic inked art from Cameron-Ohara.

Drawn up for the Inktober artist initiative, it recaptures the beauty of each area while maintaining an air of simplicity to it. In that way it doesn’t overstate Ocarinaitself, which, as an early 3D adventure, generally contains zones that wouldn’t be considered impressive today — especially in light of Breath of the Wild‘s living world.

Still, you could say that about a lot of retro games. What I appreciate about Ocarina of Timeeven to this day are the little things, the ingenuity of the temple design, and the novel idea of swapping timelines on a whim. It’s still worth playing and I’m glad other people still share that passion.

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