Fanmade Resident Evil 2 remake canceled


In the nicest way possible

A bit of bad news with a silver lining, Capcom’s recent announcement of an official remake of Resident Evil 2 has indeed put the kibosh on Resident Evil 2 Reborn;a promising looking fan remake made with Unreal 4. On the upside, according to a Facebook post from InvaderGames, Capcom has reached out to the Reborn team and has invited them to share their ideas for the title.

While it sucks to see Reborn put out to pasture, it isn’t exactly surprising. Capcom couldn’t very well have its own remake competing with a free fanmade version. Given how this kind of thing has gone down in the past, it’s nice to see Capcom recognize the efforts and passion of their fan community and talk things out with them civilly. Inviting them in to discuss a few ideas may or may not be just a polite gesture, but it’s a heck of a lot better than instantly turning to the lawyers with their cease and desist nastygrams. Nice job Capcom.