Fans declare November 12 'Battleborn Day,' want to repopulate servers


Gearbox wants to ‘sweeten the deal’

Don’t call it a dead game. The small-but-dedicated Battleborn fan base doesn’t like hearing it. Still, even the diehards have little trouble admitting that matchmaking times could stand to be shorter and skill levels between two matchmade teams can be inconsistent. Both of those problems lead to people throwing in the towel, which sadly just makes them worse for those who stick around.

One reddit user, bkndx, wants one solid day with populated servers, with the short-term goal of being able to have fun with less hassle, but the long-term goal of potentially attracting and maintaining new users by providing a more positive experience for first impressions. It isn’t the first time a Battleborn community member had the idea, but for some reason it really caught on this time around.

In the comments on the original reddit thread, Battleborn‘s Creative Director Randy Varnell even posted “You do something on this date on your side, and I’ll see if I can do something from my side to sweeten the deal.” This wasn’t just foreshadowing to the recently announced release of the upcoming DLC Toby’s Friendship Raidon November 10; Gearbox intends to introduce a special multiplayer playlist on November 12 to boost the community event.

The game itself is down under $20 on Amazon right now, so if you ever had any interest now might be the time to try it out. It sounds like playing on November 12 might be the best shot we have at being able to find balanced games quickly.